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Your business requires strong relationships, but bouncing from followups to making tiktoks is eating away at your time

You should be able to track your clients socials, notes, recurring reminders, important followups, social media content, reels, hooks, everything in a simple, all-inclusive, and non-techie friendly app...

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After 20 years and tens of thousands of service providing solopreneurs helped, I realized the unfortunate truth – the solution we needed didn’t exist. So, I created it for us. Meet the “holy grail” all-in-one app for coaches, real estate agents, hair stylists, fitness trainers and more that is powerful and still affordable  🙌 Jessica Kane, Founder & CEO

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Then just $9.99/mo after that 🤯

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Import your clients, create recurring reminders so you never miss a followup, and upload your social media content and client support FAQs. Not sure how? We have an onboarding Zoom to walk you through!

step 3: breathe easy with free training & support

This isn’t another app, Geniechat was created by a servant-hearted entrepreneur who is here to help you with training and support.

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