From the trailer park to tech ceo

The unlikely journey from poverty to 4x founder without a college degree, connections, or money. Meet Jessica Kane, founder and CEO of Geniechat.


from the trailer park to tech ceo
I'm a nerdy ambivert who beat the odds and I'm on a mission to ensure that no seller is left behind!

I made the unlikely journey from poverty to 4x founder without a college degree, connections, or money. I built 20+ years of experience from VC-backed startups to SMB turnarounds to Fortune 500 activations. 

I had to learn it all the hard way, forever failing and relearning and eventually succeeding. With tenacity and a unique perspective, I created opportunities that weren’t available to a college-dropout hick like me.

Now, I dedicate that experience to empowering the “little guy” solopreneur with the tools, systems, and most importantly – the belief they can win!

Welcome to a world where every seller is important! xo Jess

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KNOW Women 40 Under 40
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Portland Business Journal – Woman of Influence Award
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Top 25 Women Visionaries – Pose Magazine
Women’s History Month – Space Coast Business Magazine 


Jessica Kane, CEO & Publisher

my audacious journey

  • 1998 | a builder is born

    My mother survived domestic violence and she showed me to never stop and always fight for myself. I was a 4.0 student earning college credits while in high school, varsity athlete for Track & Field throwing team, and an editor of my school paper while working a full-time job to start a life on my terms. I moved out the second I turned 18 before graduation and I was so proud to have my very own trailer (rented for $325/month). In this trailer, I learned to create websites with Microsoft Server extensions and Dreamweaver, all over dial-up! Meanwhile, I was working full-time at the Seven Feathers Truck Stop (formerly Fat Harvey's). I was so motivated to learn every role and work my way up. So, I started out pumping gas (in Oregon it's illegal to pump your own LOL) and 10 roles, and 5 years later, I hit the glass ceiling as an operations manager.

  • 2002 | a seller is born

    2000 to 2002 were huge years for me. I was working my full-time day job at the truck stop as a station manager, side hustling my Tupperware biz, and teaching myself website coding at night (over dial-up😑).

    🥳 This picture is baby Jessica feeling the high of working hard, building a team, changing lives, and being recognized at the Tupperware National Convention.

  • 2007 | an influencer is born

    Then, social media happened, and like a fish to water – I was an early adopter of MySpace (R.I.P.). I created the first digital magazine for plus-size fashion, SKORCH. This is where I honed my skills of graphic design, website design, advertising management, model hunts, and promotions. That was basically my Associate’s Degree! It inspired millions of women, helped me travel the world, and opened my eyes to the power of social media and virality. That all lead to the magazine being acquired in 2016.

  • 2012 | a producer is born

    I took my love of fashion and community to rehabilitate and relaunch Portland Fashion Week® to serve the independent designers and artists who needed a platform to launch their dreams. Hosted at the Oregon Convention Center with 30,000 square feet of retail, shows, and celebrities with over 4,000 in attendance over the 3 day event. We were covered in ELLE and Glamour with celeb attendees from Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model. I consider this experience as earning my Bachelor's Degree.

  • 2014 | a chief brand officer is born

    This is me with plus model sensation Ashely Graham at New York Fashion Week. I co-founded the digitally native and vertically integrated plus-size fashion brand Society+ where I helped women feel confident and “own the room”. We were VC-backed and experienced what it was like to raise money in the startup world while building a high-growth company. I had to teach myself sourcing including tech packs for plus size women, wholesale selling and buying, Shopify, affiliate marketing management, influencer marketing, and working with a Board of Advisors with heavy hitters from Macy’s and Bonobos. I was able to lead the brand to 400% year-over-year growth thanks to our cult-like following of over 400k social media followers which we got in 18 months! Now, THAT was definitely my Master’s Degree! S+ was acquired by Australian fashion conglomerate City Chic, in 2019. 

  • 2015 | a crusader is born

    Over the years I started to figure out that my passion was so much more than fashion confidence, but it was about personal confidence period. After 10 years of blogging and being a fixture of the plus-size fashion movement, I was done with people saying "that's so brave" when a plus-size gal wore a swimsuit. And it so happens, 30 million others were as well. This post went viral and was covered on every major news outlet. It was then I realized, I'm a crusader. A confidence crusader for women in fashion, business, and life.

  • 2022 | a tech CEO is born

    And, then it happened – lightning struck. I was right where I needed to be.
    After almost two decades of hustling, building something from nothing over and over again, learning marketing the hard way by jumping into social media and never looking back, never getting a degree but doing 15 years of hard labor learning, never turning down an opportunity, leaning into the hardest moments knowing those were learning moments, and always following my gut… it all culminated to this.

    I saw a HUGE gap in the market and knew I could create what we needed. A tool easy enough for the 90% of the sales field to embrace, but still powerful enough for the top sellers. 

    I went to work and created everything you see and experience with Geniechat. Every pixel, down to the app branding, this website, the free snippets, the UI/UX of the app, all of this was designed by me FOR YOU with intention.

    So, at the age of 42, I am happy to announce that I have given birth to my newest baby – Geniechat! 🪄💜 In lieu of gifts 🤣, we ask that you try our 7-day free trial because we know you’re going to LOVE it!!


"Jessica has a remarkable talent for engaging and entertaining an audience with relatable stories and analogies! She motivates and uplifts with her infectious joy, sharp wit, and unwavering honesty."

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