xo, Jessica Kane
founder & ceo
chief DMO officer

bring joy back into your direct sales biz

it's time to get organized 🪄

Time freedom requires simple systems that you can stick with and I made an app to help you organize alllll theeee thinggssss 🤩

say ✌️out to overwhelm

Geniechat was created from scratch with my unique perspective of being a female social selling entrepreneur who built 4 multi-million dollar businesses with one thing at the core – SERVING.


Geniechat is thoughtfully created to help you get organized, never miss a detail, 

and to work smarter by 

innovative time-saving features.

made for all levels of direct sellers 🙏

unlimited everything $9.99/mo

everything you need in 1 app ⚡️


50% (FIFTY PERCENT!!) of sales happen after the FIFTH touch. Increase your followup average!

Nurture relationships and never miss a follow-up by reminding yourself to engage. Get push notifications to circle back to prospects and hosts with instant scripted message access with your content keyboard.

ai message generator

integrate unlimited AI-generated
replies, answers, and invites

Our exclusive AI-powered ChatGPT tool generates and regenerates multiple message options in seconds including text party scripts, company specific replies, industry FAQ’s and more.

content sharing & keyboard

give your team super seller powers by sharing content, scripts, videos, more!

Get your best sales sequences, FAQs, pics, videos, and more in the hands of your teammates ASAP!

With smooth admin access and instant updates, your direct sellers can search less and achieve more.

shareable DMO templates

Onboarding without waterboarding! Geniechat shareable recurring task templates allow you to share only what your new recruit wants and needs to know. We’ll show you how to create daily, weekly, and monthly recurring task templates for every group of recruit from $200 a month earner to $200,000 a month earner.


Geniechat is used by leaders & teams all over the world!

it's time to get organized

the "holy grail" app for sellers is here!

and just $9.99/mo after that 🤯

no contracts. cancel anytime.

😜 🎁