where do I start?!


You’re excited, signed up, and bam – frozen not sure where to begin. But, here’s some great news – we got you! 

Choose your path and we’ll guide you!

Path 1: Get Started With Followup/Organize Contacts 
Path 2: Get started with content/Folders/Snippets/Keyboard
Optional: Watch a step-by-step walkthrough of entire app

Path 1: Get Started With Followup/Organize Contacts


step 1: add Some contacts

Geniechat is designed to help you keep track of your engagement activities meaning you have a contact library! There are 3 ways to get contacts into your Geniechat account – choose the option you would like to try.

1. Importing via CSV file
2. Have contacts enter their info FOR YOU – self serve form
3. Sync your phone contacts
4. Enter a contact one at a time

* Facebook contacts can not be sync’ed at this time. However, you can utilize free Chrome extensions to scrape your Facebook list and create a CSV file that you then can upload.


Step 2: Add notes or Tags to your contacts

Tags gives you super powers in Geniechat so we definitely recommend using them! Great starter tags are examples like: host, vip, customer, recruit, etc. As you start using more you’ll find more uses because you can search your entire contact library to find all with a certain tag!

Click here for how-to article to add tags and notes


Step 3: Create a reminder to followup with the contact

Creating a test reminder is a great way to get a feel for the app. Remember, reminders only go to you and will not go to the contact. These are reminders for you, from you. They are not automated in any way and the contact will never see your reminder notes or contact notes.

Click here to create a one-time or recurring reminder

Path 2: Get Started With Content / Folders / Snippets / Keyboard

It’s time to ditch the apps, notepads and Google Keep and store all of your frequently used sales scripts in Geniechat. All content is automatically synced to any device. 

*Snippet importing is not supported at this time.

Step 1: Add Snippets to Your Account 

What is a snippet? It’s a file essentially, but a mini one! Think of it like a digital post-it that can be anything like text, links, images, videos and a PDF. The reason they are called snippets is because using the mobile keyboard, the content of the snippet can be auto placed or pasted into the message. 

1. Join A Folder – The easiest way is to get content into your account that you can use via the keyboard is when a folder of snippets is shared with you! When you get a link, click it and then Geniechat will instantly import the entire folder of snippets and subfolders into your account.

2. Add Folders and Snippets – Just like you would on your computer or Google Drive, you create a folder and start creating snippets!

Step 2: Activate Mobile Keyboard 

In order to have easy access to the snippets you use over and over is to activate your geniechat keyboard on your mobile device. This requires the Geniechat app to be  downloaded on your device in order to use the keyboard.

Activate Apple Mobile Keyboard
Activate Android Mobile Keyboard

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