Why you need all 3 types of communication as a direct seller

If you're only sending promotional and transactional emails, you're missing the most important form of communication. The third form is...

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Are you using all three forms of communication with your people and your community, your customers, your recruits?


You’re like, three?

What three, Jess?

YEP! First, you have transactional.

Transactional emails are follow-up on an order. Did you get your order? Here’s your shipping information, host this follow up, order incentives, things like that. Usually, they have opted in and they have taken an action to receive this transactional communication. Usually, it’s email, automated text because they’re wanting your free download.


Then you have promotional.

Promotional communications are different. And if you’ve ever done email marketing, literally, you have to state, is this transactional or is this promotional? And that is actually how and the reason why Google has a promotional tab for all emails deemed promotional. When you’re doing promotional communication, the systems know it.  There’s so many different ways that promotional can be obvious. And the email servers, text servers are now getting hip with it. You have to register for text because you’re a business, sending promotional communication, which they have to opt into or else it’s illegal, right?


But there’s a third one.

The third one is relational, and that is the one that gets most forgotten.

And here’s what I want you to think about. Personal communication is about your high value targets. This sounds like, say, targets, but your high-value contacts or people that you want to know or who you already know that you want to have a great relationship with.

“High-value relationships are key, and you’re not going to send them promotional emails, and there’s no transaction yet. So you’re only left with personal.”
– Jessica Kane, CEO Geniechat

That’s literally why having your daily follow-ups, doing the personal reach-outs, being human, as we say, commenting, engaging, cheering people on, being positive.

I want to know, are you doing personal communication? And if so, what percentage of your total communication is it?

I challenge you to take an inventory of all your communications, and I bet you we need to balance it out with some personal.

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